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Post Hole Concrete Calculator Calculate how many yards or how many bags of are needed for a set of post holes by entering the post diameter and hole size. If you’re not sure what size hole to dig, a rule of thumb is to use a hole diameter 3 times the post diameter and 1 ⁄ 3 as deep as the post height. See below for more information.

Using The Post Hole CalculatorThe post hole calculator will determine the cubic yardage and bags of needed for a project involving a set of post holes. In addi...How to Find The Amount of Concrete NeededConcrete is sold by the cubic yard, or in pre-mixed bags. A cubic yard is just a standard volume, measured in yards. Find cubic yardage by multiply...Tips For Ordering ConcreteCall your supplier and tell them about your project and what the is for, ie. footings, fence posts, etc. Ask them to advise you o...

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The Concrete Calculator estimates the volume and weight of necessary to cover a given area. Purchasing slightly more than the estimated result can reduce the probability of having insufficient . Slabs, Square Footings, or Walls

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Lowe’s can help with your building supplies needs with calculators to inform and guide your next project. Welcome to Lowe's Find a Store . Order Status Lowe's ... Calculator. Concrete Grade Beams Calculator. Calculator. Concrete Haunches Calculator. Calculator. Concrete Slabs Calculator. Calculator. Concrete Wall Calculator.

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Use this post hole volume calculator to accurately figure the amount of required for any sized post hole with or without any common sized post. Returns both cubic yards and how many bags. This free tool is designed as an aid for building fences, barns, post frame buildings, or just anything that has a post in the ground.

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Post Hole Calculator. Hole Diameter: * mm. Hole Depth: * mm. Post Type. Round Diameter. mm. Number of posts/holes: * Square or Rectangular. mm. mm. Results (Approximate) Volume of = m 3 . Head Office 8 Bulk Terminals Drive Port of Brisbane, QLD, 4178 P. (07) 3895 9800. Sales Enquiries P. (07) 3895 9890 F. (07) 3895 9891.

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Calculate Volume of Square Slab Calculator Use. Calculate volumes for slabs, walls, footers, columns, steps, curbs and gutters. Enter dimensions in US units (inches or feet) or metric units (centimeters or meters) of your structure to get the cubic yards value of the amount of you will need to make this structure.

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Quickly calculate slab and footing pours by entering the depth, width and length to find the number of cubic yards or bags of needed for your project. Give these calculations to your ready-mix supplier or use them to estimate how many 40, 60 or 80 lb. bags of to buy.

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Calculate Number of Bags of Pre-Mix Concrete Mix for Round and Square Footing Holes and Small Concrete Slabs. ... Calculate bags required for square, round and rectangular footings and small slabs. ... Pre-Mix Concrete Bag Calculator Calculated at 133.3 lb per ft³ - Allow extra for waste.

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CONCRETE CALCULATOR - How Much Do I Need? You can use this calculator to help you determine the number of bags of QUIKRETE® Concrete Mix, Mortar Mix, or Fast-Setting Concrete you will need for the following projects.

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Use Sakrete’s calculator to measure how much you need. The block calculator estimates how many bags of is necessary to cover the given area.

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Welcome to the calculator. It will help you calculate the number of bags of required for your path, slab or post holes.

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Concrete Mix Pouring Calculators. Please select the type of usage calculation you need to do using the tabs underneath the following pictures. Holes & Columns. Slabs, Footings & Walls. Tubes & Circular Slabs. Holes Slabs Tubes. Holes & Columns. Calculate the volume of cubic yards needed to fill in a hole, column or round footing ...

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Concrete Calculator Choose the diameter, depth and quantity. 'Click' the button to calculate the amount of needed. This figures round holes only.

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Calculators; Concrete for post holes Concrete for post holes. Concrete for post holes. Step 1: Size of posts. Please enter the dimensions of the post(s) you are using. Round post. Diameter of post cm. OR. Rectangular post. Width of post cm. Breadth of post cm. Cancel Next.

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Use our handy Volume Calculator to help you determine how much you need for your next project.

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Concrete Calculator – Find Yards or Bags Needed for a Slab or Footing Calculate the yards of or how many pre-mixed bags of are needed to pour a slab, patio, footing, column, or post fill-project, including circular slabs and patios. Estimate the cost of materials if …

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Concrete Footings Calculator Input length, width and depth of the area. Click the button to calculate the volume of and man-hours (not including mixing) needed for this job. This calculator is to be used as an estimating tool ONLY.

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Concrete Core Drilling Hole Calculator Carolina Precision Core Drilling INC Charlotte NC. 704-245-0119. Hey! ever wondered if there was a simple way to caluculate what core drilling a hole in might cost? Yes there is. This program is designed to calculate specified core …

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Concrete Calculator Use our calculator to determine the amount of needed to pour your slab. Enter the width and length of your slab in metres. Then enter the thickness of your slab in millimetres.

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Feb 11, 2019 · Concrete and cement can get expensive, so it pays to know how much you need for your next masonry project. Enter the ImproveNet calculator. Check out the table above to see various formulas for calculating how much your project requires based on the shape of the area you’ll be covering.

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Our free Concrete Calculator makes it easy to find out how many yards of you need. Simply enter in the desired width, length, and thickness. Press calculate and you have the answer! Learning how to calculate the amount of needed is easy when using our formula and online calculator.

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Concrete Calculator & Cement, Sand, Render and Mortar Calculators This series of calculators has been developed to help you plan your project. You can calculate how much , cement, sand, mortar or render you will need. For each calculation you will have to know the dimensions of your object.

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Calculate the amount of needed for setting fence post. Enter the required number of holes needed plus the diameter and depth of the hole in inches. Add the size of the post. The results are the volume of needed in cubic feet, cubic yards, and cubic metres

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Our calculator allows you to accurately work out the amount of you'll need for your project. Simply add the measurements for your order to the relevant shapes above (you only have to fill in the shape/s you want to use) You can build up a calculation for complicated areas by adding additional shapes of each type.

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Adhesive Cartridge Estimator: SET-XP ® The Adhesive Cartridge Estimator makes it easy to estimate how much adhesive you need for your project! Input size and number of adhesive anchors to get the number of adhesive cartridges needed for the job.

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Concrete Calculator; Work at Counties; Get a Quote; Contact Us; Volume Calculator. Block Masonry; Post Holes With No Posts. Hold depth (m): Hole diameter (m): Quantity: Wastage (usually 7%): Calculate. Post Holes With Square Posts. Hold depth (m): Hole diameter (m): Square post size (m): Quantity: Wastage (usually 7%): Calculate. Post Holes ...

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Calculator Use. Calculate volumes for slabs, walls, footers, columns, steps, curbs and gutters. Enter dimensions in US units (inches or feet) or metric units (centimeters or meters) of your structure to get the cubic yards value of the amount of you will need to make this structure.

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If you want to calculate the volume of required for a rectangular slab, use the rectangular slab calculator. To find cubic metres needed to fill a round hole. EXAMPLE: How much is needed to fill 5 holes 1200mm deep and 1050mm round? ANSWER: One hole takes 1.039 cubic metres, therefore 5 holes = 5 x 1.039 = 5.195. (say 5.2 ...

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Dec 14, 2018 · Divide the total cubic feet needed by the total cubic feet that can be made from one bag of Quikrete Concrete Mix. Quikrete's Concrete Mix yield's about .15 cubic feet for …

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* Note that our Concrete Calculator uses the stats of premixed cement density, which is 2,130 kg/cubic meters, and 133 pounds/cubic feet in order to calculate the weight of which is required. It's also important to note that the density of will differ depending on the type of you are using.

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Concrete Yardage Calculator Enter the width, length, and depth in feet and inches, or simply inches. The number of cubic yards is automatically returned just below. Select a …


Filling a round hole, column or cylinder with . Total Yards. Height in feet Diameter in inches. Are you inserting a post? Yes No Is the post raised off the bottom? Yes No. If yes, what is the distance from the bottom of the post to ... Go to the Concrete Calculator

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To use the Concrete Wall Calculator, simply enter the width, length, and thickness of your pour. The calculator will automatically estimate the number of cubic yards of that will be required. Concrete is ordered by volume in cubic yards.

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Concrete Calculator. Jot & Tittle Concrete - Calculator. We have also included a Quikrete bag calculator that will tell you how many 80 lb. bags of Quikrete you will need to purchase and then MIX yourself to complete the same job. Quikrete is $4.15* per 80 lb. bag and you can rent a truck and a cement mixer from your local hardware store for ...

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When building your deck, you’ll need several bags of to create the footings, walls, and piers to support your deck. This calculator gives you the built-in formulas you’ll need to help you calculate how many bags of you will need for deck …

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Calculate Number of Bags of Premix Concrete needed for Round and Square Footing Holes and Small Concrete Slabs. ... Calculate bags required for square, round and rectangular footings and small slabs. ... Pre-Mix Concrete Bag Calculator Calculated at 2160 kg per 1m³ ...

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Concrete Block Calculator & Estimator - CEMEX USA Concrete Block Calculator & Estimator Use the block calculators below to calculate the amount of materials needed.

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A cubic yard is the volume of material which fits in a space one yard wide by one yard deep by one yard high. Cubic yards are used to measure materials ranging from to mulch for your garden. To determine the amount of materials you need in cubic yards, you must first convert all three ...

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Concrete pads must be able to withstand hundreds of pounds of force from the supporting structures placed on them. To calculate the load that a pad can support, you need to know its width, length, depth and its strength.

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In this post, we are going to explain “How to Calculate Concrete Volume and its ingredients?” How to Calculate Concrete Volume? If it is a volume, then we know there must be 3 dimensions, Length, Height, Width or Breadth. We covered some Basic Surface Area and Volume Formulas. For Slab, If we need to calculate the volume,

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Calculate the amount of needed plus cost for setting fence post using mix in bags. Select your Bag size and enter the price for one bag of mix. Enter the required number of holes needed plus the diameter and depth of the hole in inches. Add the size of the post.

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This free volume calculator can compute the volumes of common shapes, including that of a sphere, cone, cube, cylinder, capsule, cap, conical frustum, ellipsoid, and square pyramid. Explore many other math calculators like the area and surface area calculators, as well as hundreds of other calculators related to finance, health, fitness, and more.

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Quikrete 80 lb. Concrete Mix can be used for building or repairing foundation walls, sidewalks, curbs, steps and ramps and for setting posts. This mix designed for pouring 2 in. thick or more. Quikrete 80 lb. Concrete Mix consists of a uniformly blended, properly proportioned mixture of gravel, sand and Portland cement.

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QUIKRETE® CONCRETE MIXES CALCULATOR: Enter the size of the slab you want to build in square feet. The calculator will indicate the number of 60 or 80 pound bags of QUIKRETE® Concrete Mix you need to build a 4″ or a 6″ slab. (All yields are approximate and do not include allowance for uneven subgrade, waste, etc.)

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Use our Concrete Round Column Calculator to determine just how much you need to mix for your job. You will never mix the wrong amount of for any job again. Take a few simple measurements, select your units, and our calculator will return the number of cubic yards you will need to finish your job.

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How much do I need and how long between loads. We have provided a volume calculator for your convenience. Small loads incur extra surcharges so it is always best to get your quantities right to avoid extra expense and delays in service. Is there any specific site/truck requirements for the job.

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These calculators are intended to allow you to calculate the metric volume of required for paths etc. Three calculators are provided, the first for rectangle areas of , the second for circular areas and the final one for triangular areas. Rectangular calculator. Circular calculator. Triangular calculator.

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If your hole is 36” deep and 10” wide, the calculation is 3.14 x 5 x 5 x 36 ÷ 1728. This gives you 1.6 cubic feet. If you forget the 1728 it is simply 12” x 12” x 12” or the number of cubic inches in a cubic foot. So now that we know the volume the second step is to calculate how many bags of it will take to fill the hole.

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Free online calculator for your construction projects. Calculate the required weight and volume of readymix you need for your wall, column, steps, slabs, footings, and others. Easy to use calculator for how much you need in cubic feet, cubic yards, cubic meters, tons, tonnes, as well as bags of of different sizes.

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Use the Ready Mixed Concrete Calculator below to estimate the total cubic yards of needed for your next project. Please note that these calculators should be used for estimates only, and you should always factor in an additional 5% – 10% of material for waste and spillage.

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Find answers to your asphalt repair questions with our pothole repair calculator. We can help you determine the exact amount of pothole repair material you will need to ensure bond strength and ultimately maintain the integrity of the asphalt repair or repair. Use the calculator below to find out how much material you need.

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For a basic project in zip code 47474 with 120 square feet, the cost to Install a Concrete Pad starts at $8.04 - $9.89 per square foot*. Actual costs will depend on job size, conditions, and options.

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Boulet Brothers Concrete Ltd currently operates three product divisions, one being ready mixed , precast products, and our new Boulet Snow-Wing attachments.

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Part of being able to determine a budget for a new pole building is the cost of the premix needed to backfill the holes with. At Hansen Pole Buildings, our engineers calculate the minimum amount of post hole required to prevent your new building from settling (due to the dead weight of the building, as well as when carrying applicable roof loads), as well as from uplifting or ...

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How much do you need to order? Use our calculator to determine the amount of needed for your project. Calculate slabs, footings, wall, columns, curb and gutter, stairs. Questions? Call toll-free (866) 404-1000.

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Ready-mixed is sold by volume measured in cubic yards. If you can determine the area of your project (length x width for rectangular projects) and know the thickness of the slab, you can use the information in the Concrete Volume Calculator below to determine how much you need.

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FEATURED PROJECT CATEGORIES. With over 200 easy-to-use-products, QUIKRETE® lets homeowners avoid costly installations and renovations. Our user-friendly packaging features step-by-step instructions that make enhancing and refurbishing your home like a professional easier than ever.