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Choice of Deck Joint. Current practice is to make decks integral with the abutments. The objective is to avoid the use of joints over abutments and piers. Expansion joints are prone to leak and allow the ingress of de-icing salts into the bridge deck and substructure.

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Apr 14, 2011 · Introduction , Continued • Bridge deck joints should protect the interior edges of decks from vehicle loads, seal the joint openings, and accommodate movements resulting from temperature changes and creep and shrinkage of • Joint failure is a nationwide problem in the United States • Failure is not necessarily caused by the joint ...

Authors: Sira Vegas · Natalia Juristo · Victor R BasiliAffiliation: Technical University of Madrid · University of Maryland College ParkAbout: Control flow · Data flow diagram

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Oct 30, 2019 · RJW Finger Joints are a simplistic design with no moving parts that are designed to accommodate any bridge deck expansion joint movement. Finger Joints are cantilevered or simply supported steel tooth expansion joints. They are comprised of pairs of independent elements with parallel teeth provided in lengths from 3 feet to full roadway widths.

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SCOPE Bridge deck expansion joints are divided into the following three groups. 1. Modular expansion joint systems including finger and sliding plate dams, with 2 to 16 in. of movement, but generally more than 13 in. of movement. S. H. Dahir, Pennsylvania State …

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Deck joints fall into two broad categories: open joints and sealed joints. In the past Caltrans has used both open and a variety of sealed joints with varying degrees of success.

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While bridge deck joints provide a critical function in the overall performance of a structure, a poorly designed, installed, or maintained deck joint can contribute to the premature replacement of the bridge or become a dangerous safety hazard to the public.

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Bridge deck joints are used to protect. the edges of the deck from vehicle loads, seal the joint openings, and. accommodate deck movements that are produced by temperature changes and. creep and shrinkage of .

Authors: W Spencer Guthrie · Lik Hang Yuen · Loren A RossAffiliation: Brigham Young University

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There are two types of EMR joint depending on how the metal runners are attached to the deck, either Cast-In (CI) or Resin Encapsulated (RE). The CI type is available in both single and multi-element form with a movement capacity of

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2.1 Deck Joint Gap The gap between adjacent spans 2.12 Sub-surface Drainage A system for draining in a bridge deck or between a bridge deck and an water from within the surfacing. abutment curtain wall. The joint gap width will vary where the joint is designed to accommodate thermal and other movements. 2.2 Expansion Joint Gap The continuous gap

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tensioned box girder bridges under 400 feet long. Use L-type abutments with expansion joints at the bridge ends where bridge length exceeds these values. In situations where bridge skew angles exceed 30 degrees, consult the Bearing and Expansion Joint Specialist and the Bridge Design Engineer for recommendations and approval.

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The Britflex® BEJ Expansion Joint system has worldwide approvals for use on bridge decks on all classes of roads and motorways. The Britflex® Resin Mortar, is also an approved material for transition strips to all types of expansion joints. This system is ideal for maintenance projects where there is a need to replace ailing or failed systems.

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D.S. Brown Steelflex ® Modular Expansion Joint Systems have gained overwhelming worldwide acceptance for accommodating and sealing large joint movements on bridge structures. By incorporating the results of recent research activities, each joint system is designed to provide watertight, fatigue resistant, long-term, maintenance-free performance.

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Expandex is a flexible asphaltic plug joint system designed to accommodate minimum structure movement while providing a smooth transition between the ap- proach pavement and the bridge deck.

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Deck Joints and Bearings 16 Completed Installation Technical Standards Branch Class A Bridge Inspection Course Bridge Inspection and Maintenance Deck Joints and Bearings 17 “Koch”Joint with Elastomeric Material Technical Standards Branch Class A Bridge Inspection Course BIM Bridge Inspection and Maintenance Deck Joints and Bearings 18

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Oct 18, 2005 · The type of joint you use on your bridge can drastically change its strength. There are three basic types of joints, the Lap Joint, End Joint, and Notched Joint. To increase the strength of an end or notched joint you can add a Gusset.

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Inspection guidance for bridge expansion joints Part 1 – Reference guide 5 1 Summary Deck expansion joints are an important bridge component. In order to maintain road user safety and bridge durability, they must be maintained in good condition. Some types of expansion joint are susceptible to posing a sudden danger to traffic.

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deck to avoid the need for installing pins in the new bridge deck. ♦ When building next to an existing structure (such as for phased replacements), provide ... ♦ If a full depth open longitudinal joint is used at the phase line, the bridge is considered 2 structures and should have 2 NBI numbers.

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Copper U-Strip & Joint Filler (Fig. 22.16a): When the length between adjacent expansion joint is …

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Reinforced Elastomeric - Type 5 A joint prefabricated to exact lengths and widths, comprising of rubber surrounding metal elements, bearing plates and reinforcement. Placed onto flat beds with resin transition strips either side to provide a smooth running surface.


the structural design of bridge decks. Section 3 specifies loads for bridge decks, Section 4 specifies their analyses, and Section 9 specifies the resistance of bridge decks. Unless noted otherwise in this Chapter of the NDOT Structures Manual, the LRFD Specifications applies to the design of bridge …

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Waterproofing Membranes for Concrete Bridge Decks. The use of waterproofing membranes is one strategy to prevent moisture and chlorides from reaching the by providing a barrier on the top of the deck. The waterproofing membrane is then protected from the traffic by an asphalt overlay.

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performance of bridge deck expansion joints. The purpose of the research is to evaluate several types of joints currently in use and also provides the evaluation criteria for rating the joint condition. The types of joints investigated are Compression Seal (B.S.) joint, Strip Seal

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area. The next step is power washing, which begins with the bridge deck and then moves downward from the expansion joints to the bearings. The expansion joints are flushed out from the top of the deck or side of the bridge (depending on the type of expansion joint and accessibility of the side of the bridge) to remove debris.

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brgttf01.zip ~ Bridge True Type Fonts are now used on Bridge Standards. For proper display of Bridge standards in MicroStation extract these font files into the C:\Windows\Fonts directory. Compare the PDF file with the DGN file for validation on correct fonts displayed in MicroStation.(updated 07/10/13)

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The omission of the expansion joint removes a pathway for the penetration of chloride-bearing road salts to the bridge's sub-structure. In the United Kingdom there is a presumption that most new short to medium length bridges will be of the integral type. [citation needed] An early example of an integral bridge is masonry arch bridge.

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USL BridgeCare provides a complete service to the civil engineering and building industry for bridge deck protection which includes the supply and installation of bridge deck expansion joints and spray applied bridge deck waterproofing membranes.. The bridge expansion joint range of products cater for movements of 12mm-1600mm and include Britflex BEJ which is the most popular joint used on the ...

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Modular expansion joints are used when the movements of a bridge exceed the capacity of a single gap joint or a finger type joint. A watertight system, invented by the Swiss company Mageba, is designed on a modular basis and can be tailored to satisfy the specific requirements of almost any structure.

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joints are often one of the first components of a bridge deck to fail and repairing or replacing expansion joints are essential to extending the life of any bridge. In this Phase I study, the research team focused on documenting the current means and methods of bridge expansion joint deterioration, maintenance, and replacement and on identifying

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on bridge deck cracking. Other factors, such as bridge skew, girder spacing and type, abutment type, pier type, and number of bridge spans, were also studied. tech transfer summary Evaluation of the Need for Longitudinal Median Joints in Bridge Decks on Dual Structures This research was designed to determine the effect of continuous bridge deck ...

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joints are often one of the first components of a bridge deck to fail and repairing or replacing expansion joints are essential to extending the life of any bridge. In this Phase I study, the research team focused on documenting the current means and methods of bridge expansion joint deterioration, maintenance, and replacement and on identifying

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SPECIAL PROVISION FOR RESEALING BRIDGE CONSTRUCTION JOINTS . WITH LOW-MODULUS HOT-POURED RUBBER (Capital Scheduled Maintenance) 12CT602(A035) C&T:APPR:JAB:KPK:11-08-11. This work consists of removing existing joint sealants, cleaning the joint, and sealing the joint with a low-modulus hot-poured joint sealant.


BRIDGE DECK JOINTS Background Bridge deck joints can be very costly if not properly designed, installed and maintained. The watertightness of deck joints is critical because when leaking water reaches bearings and lower bridge elements, corrosion and structural degradation can occur and major maintenance problems may result.

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Deck Joints Standard Drawings ... Standard Drawings – Type 1 Strip Seal Deck Joint Drawing No. Drawing Description Current Revision S-1810 -17 Type 1 Strip Seal Deck Joint - Sheet 1 REV - S-1811 -17 Type 1 Strip Seal Deck Joint - Sheet 2 REV - S-1812 -17 Type 1 Strip Seal Deck Joint - Sheet 3 REV - Standard ...

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Bridge Deck Overlays • Concrete Overlay (Item 439) ($50-$100/SY) – Standard Concrete Overlays – Dense Concrete Overlays (Discontinue Use) – Latex Concrete Overlays • Multi-layer Polymer Overlay (SS) ($50/SY) • Asphalt Overlays ($5/SY) – Try to avoid – Always include 2 course surface treatment – Cost of joints can be more than overlay

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404-2.06 Deck Joints. 404-2.06(01) Longitudinal Open Joint. A longitudinal open joint is not required in a bridge deck with a width of 90 ft or less. If a deck of wider than 90 ft is required, a longitudinal open joint may be used, or a longitudinal closure pour not less than 2 ft wide, may be used.


Bridge Deck Repair Bridge deck overlays to be completed as B-SMART projects(1). Bridge Rehabilitation (Other than deck replacement and super/substructure widening) Minor repairs such as bridge rail retrofit, transverse or longitudinal joint work, minor beam repairs and minor substructure repairs


c6-3 longitudinal & transverse construction joint in slab . c6-4 weep installation (existing bridge decks) c6-5 weep installation (new bridge decks - option 1) c6-6 weep installation (new bridge decks - option 2) c6-7 deck access holes . c6-8 girder haunch detail for haunch table . c7. scupper. c7-1 cast iron scupper - …

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bridges, presenting deck types such as deck slabs, metal grid decks, orthotropic steel decks, wood decks, and several others. The choice of the particular deck type to use can depend on several factors, which may include the specific application, initial …


MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR COMMON BRIDGE-RELATED DEFINITIONS. PART 2 DATE: 08Aug2018 SHEET 4 of 6 FILE NO. 32.01-4. Repair or Rehabilitation Candidate: VDOT uses the NBI General Condition Rating (GCR) as an index to identify bridges and culverts that may need some type of preservation or rehabilitation.


In order to improve the performance of portland cement (PCC) approach pavement and expansion joints at integral abutments, the office has developed CF joints filled with tire buffings. The joints are shown on Office of Design plans [OD SRP RK …

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Integral bridge with bank pad abutments is another type in which stiff portal frame type arrangement can be constructed. In this type, the end supports are fully integral with the deck beams but these supports are not fixed in the ground. They are allowed to slide and rotate.

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the bridge deck expansion joints in their specific districts. The researchers synthesized and present this information by type of expansion joint in the Phase I report, which

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Wabo®SiliconeSeal - Bridge. The Wabo®SPS expansion joint system is a preformed silicone joint sealing system designed to accommodate movements and varying joint widths….

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If you aren’t sure what size seal you need, simply select your joint opening at mid-temperature (50˚ F) and we will determine the best seal for your application. Notes: Do not install compression seal at the maximum joint width opening if the joint is expected to open any further than this amount over time. To prevent installation ...


or semi-integral abutments and piers to eliminate expansion joints on the bridge superstructure. A joint at the end of the approach slab shall be used to accommodate movement and to prevent damage to the roadway pavement as defined in Section 14.4.2. Refer to BDM Section 11.3 for additional information on integral abutments


The maximum roadway surface gap in a transverse deck joint, measured in the direction of travel, shall be limited to 4 inches. The opening of tooth expansion joints may be larger than 4”. Longitudinal Deck Expansion Joints: Longitudinal deck expansion joints should be avoided for bridge …

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Deck Joints. Pursuant to Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other nondiscrimination laws and authorities, ADOT does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability. Persons that require a reasonable accommodation based on language or disability should contact...

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210 DESiGN GUiDE FOR BRiDGES FOR SERviCE LiFE decisions made during the design and detailing of the bridge deck, fabrication and manufacturing requirement, quality of construction, and decisions concerning the level of inspection and testing performed during future operation and maintenance. Design and Detailing Bridge-Deck ...

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Approved Header Type Expansion Joint Systems. Select a header joint material that meets the requirements of DMS-6140: Polymer Concrete for Bridge Joint Systems; Select a class 7 joint sealant or one specified on the plans that meet the requirements of DMS-6310: Joint Sealers; Insure joint sealers are compatible with header materials.

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NYSDOT Bridge Manual ii May 2011 Appendix 2D Required Coordination with t he Department of Defense on Non-Standard Vertical Clearances over Interstate Routes Appendix 2E Coast Guard Jurisdiction Checklist 3 PLANNING NEW AND REPLACEMENT BRIDGE TYPES

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Dec 13, 2015 · It depends on where (geographically) you are building the bridge, what loads you expect the bridge to be able to carry, the level of usage of the bridge, what you would like the lifespan of the bridge to be etc… Some common joints are: ‘Modular’ E...

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Bridge deck distress oftentimes progresses full depth, as evidenced by cracking in the deck soffit. If map pattern cracking is visible, or if there is widespread cracking with efflorescence and rust staining, then full depth repairs should usually be implemented in lieu of partial-depth.

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Bridge Deck Overlays 9/12/2013 18 Additional Bridge Deck Overlay Material (con’t) Paid for at the unit price of $550.00 per cubic yard (RSP 722-B-581) For Estimating Quantities = 0.00617*(Sft. Deck patching) + 0.00292*(Sys. Of Overlay) 00 006 ac o assu es a a e age deep pa c.00617 factor assumes an average 2” deep patch

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In ladder deck and multi-girder bridges, the structural connections are the splices in the longitudinal girders and the connections of the bracing or cross girders to the main girders. These connections can be made either using bolts or by welding and the choice between these two options has implications for both design and construction.. This article discusses the two forms of connection and ...

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Apr 24, 2001 · The bridge deck expansion joint is an important element in the functioning of bridge structures. When joints fail to function properly, they can create problems out of proportion to their size. Selection of a good joint for use can create fewer bridge maintenance problems.

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The expansion length is measured along the centerline of the bridge and the length is normal to the joint opening for structures with a zero skew. The designer should provide adequately sized joints (i.e. round up in size if betw een two joint sizes or use additional joints or a different type of joint).