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Asphalt Paving Design Guide prepared for the Asphalt Pavement Association of Oregon 5240 Gaffin Road, SE Salem, OR 97301 by R.G. Hicks Department of Civil Engineering Oregon State University Corvallis, OR 97331 Paul Curren Pavement Engineering Inc. Petaluma, CA 94954 and James R. Lundy Department of Civil Engineering Oregon State University

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Is the pavement structure (subgrade, subbase, base, and all asphalt layers) adequate to support the loads? You need to purchase our MS-23 Manual, Thickness Design of Asphalt Pavements for Heavy Wheel Loads. Is the hot mix asphalt surface stiff enough to resist deformation (ruts or indentations)?


ASPHALT PAVING MIXTURES The pavement design requires the proper hot mix asphalt paving mixtures for the base and surface pavements. It is important that a Job Mix Formula for the paving mixture be established for and approved by the engineer. A reputable hot mix asphalt

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• Asphalt Institute (Mechanistic) ... to the road user over its life. The dominant ... Overview of Asphalt Concrete Pavement Design . Overview of Asphalt Concrete Pavement Design Reference: AASHTO Guide Table 2.2, Suggested levels of reliability for various functional classifications

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Aug 30, 2016 · asphalt pavements, a documented mix design report should be provided for each paving project. Quality asphalt mixtures are produced in a mixing plant un-der controlled conditions. The mixture is transported, placed, and compacted while still hot. Specially designed paving machines place the mixture to the required thicknesses and grade specifications.

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PaveXpress is a free, Web-based tool for the structural design of flexible and rigid pavements using the AASHTO 93/98 Supplement Design Guide. It supports pavements of all traffic levels, and includes modules for designing asphalt overlays, materials costing, layered elastic analysis, and more.

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The Asphalt Institute’s Soils Manual for Design of Asphalt Pavement Structures,Manual Series No. 10 (MS-10), describes in detail the commonly used soil evaluation systems and test procedures listed below. Field evaluation of the soil involves visual inspection and simple field tests. • Resilient Modulus (MR)

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Mar 01, 2006 · The traffic-carrying ability of asphalt or pavement is approximately the same for each inch of pavement thickness. To illustrate how this relates to pavement design, the concept of...

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CHAPTER 3 - TYPICAL SECTIONS (Limited Revisions) Revision 44 July 9, 2004. 7/9/04 CHANGES TO CHAPTER 3 ... 3-6 Typical Shoulder Details for ESAL-based Asphalt Pavement Design ... 22 Road Section-Portion of highway included between top of slope in cut


— Design sheets or fabrication, erection, or construction details submitted to the CO by the Contractor according to FAR Clause 52.23621 Specifications and Drawings for Co- nstruction. Also refers

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Roadway Design Home Construction Manual Standard Drawings Supplemental Specifications Supplemental Technical Specifications Standard Specifications Preconstruction Memos ... Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP) & Asphalt Shingles (RAS) 06/11 - Present ... Inspection & Approval of Asphalt Mix Design Laboratories. 08/07 - 04/14. SC-M-405 (05/14 ...

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Cold mix asphalt is often used on lower-volume rural roads, where hot mix asphalt would cool too much on the long trip from the asphalt plant to the construction site. An asphalt surface will generally be constructed for high-volume primary highways having an average annual daily traffic load greater than 1200 vehicles per day.

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Gongyi Santai Machinery Co Ltd is one leading manufacturer in road construction machinery industry in China, and was established in September 1992, Headquarter is located at Henan Province, China, covering above 65,000 square meters and registering capital of RMB 20 million.

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The South Carolina Asphalt Pavement Association Its membership is comprised of ... – Road Rehab Strategies – Asphalt Topics The Asphalt Resource For South Carolina! WWW.SCASPHALT. ... –Identify and interpret the inputs needed for asphalt pavement design. –Differentiate between different materials used in asphalt



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The design should be done so that to meet the above requirements for considerable number of years (need proper design and construction supervision). Pavement meeting all the requirements above have been product if six distinctly different construction processes as follows. Heat a viscous bituminous binder to make it fluid, then in a plant mix it with heated

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Address:Yongan Road,Gongyi, Zhengzhou, Henan Business type:Manufacturer. Sinosun-group-Sinosphaltplant.Co.. About UsSINOSUN is one of China?s dominant manufacturers and exporters precisioned Asphalt Machines Plants.An asphalt plant a used for the manufacture asphalt, macadam other forms coated road stone.For over 15 years, SINOSUN has ...

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Zhengzhou New & Hi-Tech Industries Development Zone; Zhengzhou High & New Technology Industries Development Zone was established in 1988, and approved by the state Council of PRC to be a state development zone on Mar.6,1991. It was appraised to be advanced high tech zone of China respectively in 1993, 1998 and 2002.

City seat: Zhongyuan

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Address:No.1001,Dukang Building, Nanchang Road,Luoyang Luoyang, Henan Business type:Manufacturer. HongFeng Refractories and Abrasives Co.Ltd. As a professional supplier of Diamond and tools in China, we are mainly supplying top-quality diamond for , asphalt

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Jul 21, 2015 · An asphalt pavement is made up of multiple layers, namely subgrade, sub-base, base, surfacing and wearing course. While there are design considerations involved in a pavement from the geometric, functional and drainage aspects, the structural design indicates estimation of appropriate thicknesses of the pavement layers.

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HMA consists of two basic ingredients: aggregate and asphalt binder. HMA mix design is the process of determining what aggregate to use, what asphalt binder to use and what the optimum combination of these two ingredients ought to be. There are several different methods used to go

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TechBrief: Porous Asphalt Pavements with Stone Reservoirs, FHWA-HIF-15-009 2015; TechBrief: The Use of Recycled Tire Rubber to Modify Asphalt Binder and Mixtures, FHWA-HIF-14-015 2014; Asphalt Material Characterization for AASHTOWare® Pavement ME Design Using an Asphalt Mixture Performance Tester (AMPT), FHWA-HIF-13-060 2013

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Aggregate Surfaced Road Design. SD LTAP Appendix A – Gravel Road Maintenance and Design Manual (PDF, 6 MB) Pavement Design Specifications . MnDOT PG Binder Guidelines-MSCR (PDF, 235 KB) Overview and Information (PDF, 0.5 MB) Thinlay Specification for Local Agencies. Thinlay Design Guidance (PDF, 185 KB) 2360 Thinlay Special Provision 2016 ...

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ASPHALT ROAD-EO, DEC. 6-7, 2019: MEMBERSHIP MEETING, JAN. 28-30, 2020: ... Workshop B: Design, Plans, and Specifications. 2/18/2020 to 2/19/2020 CST View All Events ... Texas Asphalt. Paving the Way. Mix Types. Sustainability. Smoothness Matters. Competitive Edge . …

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Basic Mix Design Philosophy Asphalt binder content – As much asphalt as possible for • Durability • Fatigue resistance •Flexibility – Not so much asphalt to affect • Stability • Friction. Asphalt Content (% AC) ... Hot Mix Asphalts 101 ...

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Asphalt Quick Reference (For Contracts Let after Jan. 2011) (*.pdf, 395kb) ... Roadway Cheat Sheet (*.pdf, 459kb) (Common Roadway Spec Requirements) Straightedge Deficiencies (*.pptx, 9.0 MB) Contractor Quality Control. Asphalt Forms for Quality Control and Verification; Asphalt Tanker Calibration Charts (link to Materials)

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These road and paving standards allow geotechnical engineering firms and construction companies to examine and evaluate paving materials to ensure strength and durability towards safe application and use. List of road standards and paving standards developed by ASTM:

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Asphalt pavement refers to any paved road surfaced with asphalt. Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) is a combination of approximately 95% stone, sand, or gravel bound together by asphalt cement, a product of crude oil. Asphalt cement is heated aggregate, combined, and mixed with the aggregate at …

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AASHTO Pavement Thickness Design Guide ... Normally 50 years for and 30 years for asphalt. b. Design Traffic (ESALs) – ESALs is the estimate of number of Equivalent 18 kip Single Axle Loads (ESALs) during the analysis period is required. ... Road Test data fits the AASHTO Design …

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All asphalt pavements must be designed using proper loading data to ensure adequate pavement performance. In residential street and road design, this data should be based on vehicular traffic estimates for the pavement’s design life. These estimates should include accurate counts of vehicles by type, weight, and number.

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HMA Pavement Mix Type Selection Guide Introduction Background Our nation’s roadway system is critical to our economy. Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) pavements consti-tute a large part of our nation's surfaced roads. HMA pavements serve in a multitude of traffic and environ-mental conditions, demanding that the materials and

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Design - Asphalt Institute | Serving the needs of liquid asphalt manufacturers and suppliers worldwide since 1919. Thickness & Mix Design Documents & FAQs Thickness & Mix Design FAQs Thickness & Mix Design Documents Bailey Method Liquid Asphalt Materials Pavement Performance Superpave Warm-Mix Asphalt Residential FAQs Residential Documents ...

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Roads built on organic peaty soils will settle. A new, well built, asphalt road should last at least 15 years before a major rehabilitation or full depth reconstruction is needed. However, surface treatments or thin overlays every 7-10 years can extend that to 20 years between major work.

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Porous Asphalt (PA) is an open graded material designed to facilitate rapid drainage of surface water from the road, reducing spray. It also has the added bonus of reducing traffic noise. It also has the added bonus of reducing traffic noise.

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Roadway Design Manual General Design Information, Design Criteria and Plan Preparation Guides. Connect NCDOT > Projects > Roadway Design > Roadway Design Manual Design Manual Files

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The basic concepts of the Marshall mix design method were originally developed by Bruce Marshall of the Mississippi Highway Department around 1939 and then refined by the U.S. Army. Currently, the Marshall method is used in some capacity by about 38 states.

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Pavement Design Manual Section 1 Introduction - Page 1 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Objective This Manual provides a comprehensive guideline to be followed by engineering consultants for pavement design for new roadway and final stage pavement construction, …

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Kent County Council: Road Pavement Design Guide ... Asphalt as a surfacing material and the need to promote sustainable construction techniques, in particular recycling. ... relevant section in the Design Manual for Road and Bridges or other pavement design guidance.

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Highway engineering is an engineering discipline branching from civil engineering that involves the planning, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of roads, bridges, and tunnels to ensure safe and effective transportation of people and goods. Highway engineering became prominent towards the latter half of the 20th Century after World War II.

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Manual: Roadway Design Manual Effective Date: April 26, 2018 Purpose Roadway Design Manual updates to provide vertical clearance guida nce for roadways on the Texas Highway Freight Network (THFN): To provide guidance for the THFN Design Deviation Process; To provide an explanation and guidance for which projects on the THFN are affected by the

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Established - Mix temperature established on the approved Mix Design. ASPHALT ROADWAY VERIFICATION REPORT Page Number - Indicate the page number of this report. Material No. - A four-character code obtained from the JOB GUIDE SCHEDULE that identifies each Plant No. - Enter the Plant No. from which the mix is being produced.

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What is ESAL? ESAL is the acronym for equivalent single axle load. ESAL is a concept developed from data collected at the American Association of State Highway Officials (AASHO) Road Test to establish a damage relationship for comparing the effects of axles carrying different loads. The reference axle load is an 18,000-lb. single axle with dual ...

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Regional Office - Engineering Road Construction Related Autocad Drawings and Specifications Select an underlined filename to download. CAD Drawings These drawings are created in AutoCad Ver 13 and Ver 14. They are public property and are not for sale.

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MICHIGAN DESIGN MANUAL ROAD DESIGN CHAPTER 6 INDEX SURFACING AND SHOULDERS 6.01 PAVEMENT SELECTION PROCESS 6.01.01 References 6.01.02 Equivalent Single Axle Load (ESAL) 6.01.03 Legal Truck Weights 6.01.04 AASHTO Interim Guide 6.01.05 Choice between Aggregate, Hot Mix Asphalt and Concrete

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PerRoadXpress is an easy-to-use, all-on-one-screen program for designing Perpetual Pavements for low- and medium-volume roads and parking lots. The designer chooses a type of asphalt cement. PerRoadXpress then allows the designer either to use defaults for traffic and soil, or to input the actual values if they are known.

Design Standards for Urban Infrastructure

Design Standards for Urban Infrastructure 6.3.2 Granular materials Refer to the Guide to the Structural Design of Road Pavements for the design properties of granular pavement materials. Granular pavements are sub-layered in accordance with the Guide to the Structural Design of Road Pavements, unless a granular layer is specified as a working platform.

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Hot mix asphalt cement is a material which has revolutionized road construction process.Hot mix asphalt paving consists of a combination of aggregates uniformly mixed and coated with asphalt cement. The term Hot Mix is used due to the fact that to dry the aggregates and to attain the desired degree of fluidity of the asphalt cement for proper mixing and workability.

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The Roadway Pavement Design Office provides pavement design for interstates and state routes in the four regions of Tennessee, including Local Programs projects. The office is also responsible to ensure that the pavement design for minor road projects, including State …

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Steps in Bituminous Road Construction 1. Preparation of the existing base course layer. The existing surface is prepared by removing the pot holes or rust if any. The irregularities are filled in with premix chippings at least a week before laying surface course.

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The HDE patented design, allows continuous, uniform re-heating of the asphalt in place, to perform quick asphalt patch repair with a seamless joint, or pre-heating to allow re-compaction and an effective bond between an existing pavement surface and a new asphalt layer.

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Asphalt Design Guide This design guide is intended to give general structural design and mix type selection guidance for some typical Iowa pavements. It is organized by general purpose, with each use type being addressed on a different page.

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MICHIGAN DESIGN MANUAL ROAD DESIGN CHAPTER 12 MISCELLANEOUS ROADS 12.01 SERVICE ROADS 12.01.01 General A service road is defined as "a roadway adjacent to and generally parallel to a limited-access road, expressway, freeway, parkway, or through street, that is designed to intercept, collect, and distribute traffic desiring to cross,

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Design General 1. Overview ♦ Application of Design Guidelines ♦ Roadway Design Manual Format ♦ External Reference Documents 2. Design Exceptions, Design Waivers, Design Variances, and Texas Highway Freight Network (THFN) Design Deviations ♦ Overview ♦ Design Exceptions ♦ Design Waivers ♦ Design Variances

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Pavement Construction Documents Worksheets, guides and specification sheets for pavement construction projects. Connect NCDOT > Projects > Construction > Pavement Construction Documents HMA/QMS Forms & Worksheets

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The Minnesota Local Road Research Board (LRRB) developed a set of pavement distress manuals, one for use with and the other for use with asphalt pavement. Small and spiral bound, the manuals are designed for easy use in the field. They identify low-, medium-, and high-severity levels of each pavement distress with photos.

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Design CBR (DCBR) is defined as 2/3 of the soaked CBR value. VDOT Specifications for SM-4.75, SM-9.0, SM-9.5, SM-12.5, IM-19.0, and BM-25.0 can be found in Section 211 of the VDOT Road and Bridges Specification Book. VDOT Specifications for 21A and 21B can be found in Section 208 of the VDOT Road and Bridges Specification Book.

Chapter 3 Pavement Patching and Repair

Chapter 3 Pavement Patching and Repair General The roadway is the paved or otherwise improved portion of a public highway ordinarily used for vehicular travel. The roadway surface is normally classified as rigid (consisting of Portland Cement Concrete) or flexible (consisting of asphaltic materials).